PDP-11/34 decdatasystem

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Last weekend I started to investigate a “decdatasystem” in my collection.

I thought I only had the TU10W tape drive and RK07 hard drive.

I was very surprised to find that below the TU10W is an entire PDP-11/34 chassis with the controllers for both drives.

More information available here -> PDP-11/34 decdatasystem

2 thoughts on - PDP-11/34 decdatasystem

  • Malcolm,
    What a beautiful find! All of the pieces look to be in excellent condition. Many years ago I had a PDP-11/44 with 2 RK07s and a TS11 Tape drive running RSX11M+. The RK07 has a massive voice coil driving the heads. I’d love to see this system running someday. I saw that the 11/34 had two DZ11s giving it 16 serial lines. Did you see any indication of the operating system on any of the packs?
    That is a nice PDP-11 system!