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In May 2015 I went to VCF Southeast 3.0 in Roswell GA.

This page has links to my two presentations and supporting materials.

Where links are already provided in the presentations themselves, I’ve not included further copies of them below.

Comments and other feedback are very welcome.

Floppy Disk Imaging

Powerpoint Presentation

Z80 Assembly Language

Powerpoint Presentation

Example 1 – Source Code Listing (plain text)

Example 1 – Assembled Listing (PDF)

Example 2 – Source Code Listing (plain text)

Example 2 – Assembled Listing (PDF)

Script file used to launch CP/M 2.2 in altairz80 (plain text)

Disk images used within altairz80 (ZIP file)

Script file used by CP/M’s submit command (plain text)

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