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I have a “Blue Sky” Konan MFM controller board in an SD Systems S-100 machine.

The MFM hardware consists of:

  • “Blue Sky” single-sided PCB, plugged in to the Z-80 socket on the SBC-200 CPU board
  • A Konan external PCB fitted with a large “Konan” branded LSI chip
  • Disctron D-507 5MB MFM hard drive

I’m keen to get this system running, but I have no documentation for it.

If you have any manuals or software for this controller, please let me know.

Below are photos of the various components.

I have some significant hurdles to overcome, if I am to get this going, including:

  • The Disctron D-507 does not spin up
  • I have disassembled the PROM BIOS that was in the SBC-220 when I received it (there was only one 2708 installed, at F000-F7FF). The assembly listing shows that it is looking for the MFM controller at address H’EF, but it is physically wired to respond to addresses H’74 to H’77
  • I have no software to formatted the hard drive, and no modified CP/M files (such as a CBIOS) to support it

This page last updated: 17 April 2017.

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