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Vintage Computer Collection

Like many people in this hobby, my collection and interests have gone off on many tangents over the years. I am working on trying to narrow this back to a more manageable scope. Below is a list of the equipment that I am most interested in.

The core of my collection

  • DEC Straight 8
  • DEC PDP-11/70
  • DEC PDP-11/23 in corporate cabinet with SCSI SD, RL02 and RX01 drives
  • DEC Industrial 8 with TU56 and RK05 drives
  • DEC PDP-8/f with RX Classic drive
  • DEC PDP-11/10 with MOS memory
  • DEC PDP-11/10 with Core memory
  • Decdatasystem (PDP-11/34 built into the bottom of a TU10 magtape drive)
  • DEC PDP-11/04 with RX01 drive
  • Disk Smith System 80 (TRS-80 compatible). Multiple units
  • TRS-80 Models 1, 3, 4 and 12. Multiple units
  • S-100 systems. Multiple units

Items I am luke-warm about

  • MicroVAX 3600 with 2 x RA92 drives
  • MicroVAX 3100 Model 90
  • 2 x MicroVAX 3400
  • MicroVAX 3100 Model 76

Malcolm Macleod – February 2018.