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In June 2016 I bought an old Firepower pinball machine in Tasmania.

The playfield is in good condition, but the rest of the machine needs significant work. Most metal parts (such as solenoid plungers) have minor surface corrosion, and some cabinet repairs are needed.

The good news is that the machine (usually) powers up and enters attract mode. And all the displays are working fine, with the exception of one flickering segment on the balls-remaining display.

Here’s a list of the known faults that are currently known (as at June 2016):

  1. Replace the 3 rusty pinballs
  2. Solenoid fuse is blown (cause not yet known)
  3. Upper left and right rubber rings broken
  4. Approx 8 x #44 globes need replacing
  5. Clean & lubricate front locking bar
  6. Replace 3 x AA batteries (no corrosion is evident)
  7. Fix or replace CPU/Solenoid board interconnect (parts have been ordered)
  8. Replace entire rubber kit (parts have been ordered)
  9. Replace coin door and headboard locks
  10. Replace flipper buttons
  11. Cut padlock off coinbox

Tools and equipment needed for diagnostic work:

  1. 3A circuit breaker
  2. 2.5A SB fuses
  3. Alligator jumper leads

Photos and manuals will be posted here as the work proceeds.