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I found a set of 9 x RX50 disks that appear to be Saturn for RSX.

I haven’t yet attempted to install Saturn on RSX, so I can’t verify whether this set is complete or error free.

What I have done is image all 9 disks in an 80-track 5.25″ floppy drive on an MSDOS PC using Dave Dunfield’s ImageDisk program.

Here are some observations about my attempt to image these disks:

  • All 9 disks are single-sided, double-density, 10-sectors-per-track, 512-byte-sectors, 250kbps-transition-rate, 1:1-interleave
  • All disks except 6 and 9 imaged successfully on the first attempt
  • Disk 6 (GRF2) repeatedly gave errors when attempting to read Cylinder 63, Sector 0. I was eventually able to get an error-free read of this disk. “grf2a.imd” is the error-free image that should be used (ignore grf2.imd)
  • Disk 9 (CAL2) repeatedly gave an error reading Cylinder 0. After about 20 attempts on 3 different drives I gave up trying to get a good read. Cylinders 1-79 were imaged without error. But for some reason ImageDisk reports that Cylinder 0 has one 250kbps single-density sector of length 0 bytes and no other sectors on that Cylinder. Perhaps this is part of a copy-protection scheme?

Here are the floppy disk labels, ImageDisk screen shots, and ImageDisk images for each of the 9 disks:

The box of diskettes also included two other 5.25″ disks, which I’ve not yet imaged (click on the links below to see an image of the disk labels):