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In my collection I have this rather interesting third-party QBUS system.

The manufacturer was an Australian company called “Digital Electronics”.

This appears to have been specifically designed and built for lab A/D work. The front panel has various analogue I/O connectors.

At the top of the rack is a separate enclosure housing an 8″ floppy drive and an 8″ SMD hard drive.

The QBUS rack is accessed via the rear door. It is hinged on the left side, and swings out to give good access to the chassis.

I’ve not yet identified all the cards in it, but here is a list of them (as best I currently understand them):

  • Row 1 Left: M8192
  • Row 1 Right: Webster SMSV11-P/03 (2 banks of MB81256 RAM)
  • Row 2: Emulex SC02
  • Row 3 Left: Unmarked card with 40 pin connector (see photo). ED on bottom edge
  • Row 3 Right: Data Translation DT5712-E (A/D card?)
  • Row 4: DEC M7950
  • Row 5 Left: GTSC 304B (4-port SLU) (see photo)
  • Row 5 Right: Unidentified board. Blue XTAL on top. “Model 306” sticker underneath (see photo)
  • Row 6 Left: GRC-DRV11 (see photo)
  • Row 6 Right: M7941
  • Row 7 Left: Empty
  • Row 7 Right: Empty
  • Row 8 Left: General Robotics TBC P/N 27-0006-00 (see photo)
  • Row 8 Right: Empty
  • The photos below includes pictures of some of the more interesting cards in the above list.

    This page was last updated on 18 April 2017.