Garage Sale on Sat 28-May-2016

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I’m having a garage sale on Saturday 28 May 2016 to thin out my vintage computer collection a little.

Everything put out for sale will be $5 to $20 per item – including large VAX machines.

The items available include those shown below (and many more):

The items include, for example:

About 5 x VAX 6000 machines
2 x DEC 7000s
40 x DEC Alpha computers
20 x DEC MIPS machines
5 x HSC50 and HSC70 cluster controllers

So if you are interested, please do come see us on the day between 9am and 1pm (and not before 9am please) at:

Factory 71, 22 Dunn Crescent, Dandenong

(For those of you viewing this outside of Australia: Dandenong is an outer south-east suburb of Melbourne, Australia).

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide details about the items prior to the day.